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Teruel Family Immersion offers diverse cultural workshops where families will be able to enhance their language skills through engaging, group activities!

Our workshops have been designed by a team of experts with the goal of creating an immersive experience in the Spanish language involving the culture of the city, as well as the social and scientific disciplines, so that you can live the language as you learn it.

The Culture of Drums in Teruel

From very early on in their lives, the citizens of Teruel are taught the art of drumming.They study in order to perform during the acclaimed Easter Week, when their talent is shared nationally and worldwide. During this workshop, participants will learn about the drumming tradition, as well as how to play the drums in the Teruel tradition.

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Taste Jamón Serrano

The well-known Jamón Serrano from Teruel was the first to receive the protected denomination label of Origin in Europe. Well known professionals from the city will explain the process of producing this delicacy. Participants will have access to an exclusive tour of a “secadero” where the ham is kept until it reaches perfection. We will learn the art of cutting the ham and participate in a ham tasting.

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Sketch Freely

This will be one of the last workshops. Participants will develop an art piece to commemorate their experience in Teruel. This long-lasting work of art will capture the memories of their immersion.

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Dinopolis Foundation

At Dinopolis World, participants you will learn all about the fantastic universe inhabited by dinosaurs, their lives and how they became extinct. This experience will take the whole family to prehistoric times and captivate all with its savage beauty and mystery. The Foundation Dinopolis will educate participants about paleontology by preparing samples for investigation, showing how paleontological research is conducted, and teaching about the process of preservation of prehistoric treasures.

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Amantes Foundation

Participants will study the XIV century Mudejar style addressing artistic and historical points of view. In this workshop, we discover the Mathematics of Moorish design, and more concretely, those shapes that come from the geometric plane.

The objective is not to conduct a theoretical study of Geometry but rather to locate certain geometrical structures within Moorish decoration. In this way, we will connect art to other disciplines .
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Mudejar Pottery

Teruel’s pottery originated in the XII and XVI century. Its predominant color is green and you can find it all around the city. This remarkable art and its geometric elements are visible in the astonishing Mudejar towers that pinpoint the center of the city. During this workshop participants will make a Mudejar ceramic piece and learn about the modeling technique and firing process. The final part of the workshop will be an interactive gathering giving everyone a chance to practice their Spanish and enjoy treats while the clay pieces fire.

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Spanish Cuisine

Modern Spanish cuisine revolves around two main elements: traditional and innovative cooking that utilizes inventive techniques that have made Spanish chefs internationally recognized. At Teruel’s Hospitality School, participants will be taught techniques from both traditional and modern styles in order to be able to cook typical dishes of Teruel.

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The Gardening Experience

In this activity, participants will plant an organic garden with the popular products of the area. An expert will teach participants about the process involved in traditional agriculture. Once participants leave Teruel, locals will continue to take care of the garden and donate all produce to soup kitchens.

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