What is Teruel Field Immersion?

Teruel Field Immersion is a two week-long, study abroad program, that offers diverse cultural workshops where participants are able to enhance their language skills through engaging, group activities. Our workshops have been designed by a team of experts with the goal of creating an immersive experience in the Spanish language involving the city’s rich culture, history,  and its artistic and scientific influences.

Teruel Field Immersion is an ideal program for anyone eager to learn Spanish. Teruel, the city of love, immerses travelers of all ages in a wide array of experiences. The program offers diverse cultural workshops in a variety of disciplines, such as: cooking, pottery, music, and arts and crafts. It also includes outdoor activities and excursions to locations such as Dinópolis World, Albarracín, and The City of Arts and Sciences, in Valencia. The activities and immersive experiences will inspire and engage people all ages, as they seamlessly acquire Spanish language proficiency.


Family Field Immersions

Looking to brush up on your Spanish language skills, provide an opportunity for your children to learn another language, and have exciting adventures abroad together? Embark in our Family Immersive program, available for participants all ages. Spending time abroad with your children and family members can be rewarding for everyone. You will be able to experience a new culture, explore new places, try new foods, and build memories you can share in the future. 

Our program offers immersive workshops for your children, for the adults, and several for you to enjoy together. We also offer the opportunity for children to join urban camps so that they can interact with local children. While at the camp, all children will participate in fun, dynamic, and educational activities and a city scavenger hunt. During your adventure, we will also go on exciting field excursions to local tourist attractions and nearby cities. 

This program is available for all families, whether you are planning to come with your partner, your children, or members of your extended family. We offer different accommodations styles: stay at an award-winning 4-star hotel in the center of the city or if you really want to be immersed in the language and culture, choose to stay with a local family.

We promise, this will be a vacation like no other!

Student Field Immersions

This program option emphasizes experiential learning: why read about Teruel’s lovers Isabel and Diego, when you can be a lead in a performance about their love story? Why hear a lecture on Teruel’s unique art style, when you can design your own pottery vase? Our program is designed to take advantage of the location and integrate more traditional coursework with hands-on experiences that will provoke discussion and active engagement. 

We have partnered with Teruel’s renowned private university to offer spacious rooms, unique amenities to inspire learning, and a safely monitored environment for all our participants. During their stay, there will be an on-site program representative with experience guiding University students, both in the U.S. and abroad, through every twist and turn. The advisor will provide assistance both from a language perspective, as well as during their adaption phase into the new culture. 

This program is offered for high-school and college students, 14 and up.  However, if you are looking for a summer study aboard program for younger students, please get in touch with us, as we can offer other accommodations. Our goal (and passion!) is to facilitate learning to all age groups.

This is will be an educational experience unlike any other!